Just take a lil’ time

Whew! The past few weeks have been a bit crazy at the clinic. We have been extremely busy! Sometimes you just need a little break, which is the topic of today’s blog.

During the hustle and bustle of a busy day as a veterinarian it is rare that you get a moment to stop and breathe. When the clinic is busy and I am running in and out of rooms my mind is racing constantly about the really sick patient I just hospitalized, current patient getting her vaccinations and the next patient I have to perform a procedure on. My brain rarely stops for a breather. My boss keeps telling me that it will slow down, but he’s been telling me that for over a year now! LOL.

Truth be told, I love the crazy; the busyness of it all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need a break.

I try to make a point each day, sometimes several times throughout the day, to focus my thoughts. I think about how I could have treated a patient differently, or how I could have explained something better to a client, or how I could have listened better to the little elderly lady just needing someone to talk to. There is always room for improvement. As a veterinarian, I feel as if we take on a lot of responsibility. Not just the responsibility of treating and caring for animals, but also the responsibility of showing compassion and love to the owners as well. This can be hard at times.

During veterinary school, and now as a veterinarian, I always tried to take a break. In school, even though making the grades and graduating were important,, making family a priority was also important. On the weekends I would put in many hours of studying, but I also put away my books and spent time with my husband. We need to take care of our bodies physically, but it is also important to take care of our mental health! Staying inside and studying endless hours and never seeing the light of day did not appeal to me. I regularly made the choice to put the books away and enjoy life. I knew what I had to do to make it, and keeping my sanity was the only way I could accomplish that.

Fortunately, our clinic does not handle emergencies, which makes it easier to leave the clinic behind after a 60-hour workweek. I don’t have to worry about my phone ringing when I get home, turning around and going back to work. Whatever your professional situation, it’s critical to make time to enjoy your family. Your family will appreciate this as well!

This past weekend my husband and I had a fish fry with a few of our neighbors and friends. We were able to enjoy a wonderful weekend together without the stresses of life. It was so much fun to watch our friends’ kiddos rippin’, roarin’ and ridin’ around! I also ate WAY too much fish, but these are the moments that make life so much fun! I love my job and my patients, but I have also learned how to just be me, Rebekah, who lives on a ranch, loves to ride and adores her family.

Okay, here’s my point. Whether you’re a teacher, engineer, doctor, stay-at-home mom, or ballet dancer, take a little time to enjoy your life. Enjoy the time you’re not at work. Do I love my job? Heck yes! But I also love my family and sharing precious moments with them. Don’t miss out on life because you are too busy working to enjoy it.

If you are a veterinary student, don’t be afraid to put those books down and step outside into the sunshine! Live a little! This helps you stay fresh and focused.

If you’re a veterinarian, know that you can’t do everything. It is better for you and your patients to give your brain a little vacation every once in a while!

Go! Enjoy today and remember to put God first and everything else will fall into place.

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