For the Love of Reading

Redeeming Love, written by Francine Rivers, is my absolute favorite book of all time.

I think I have read this book over 20 times… if not more. It’s set in the 1850s, in the heart of California. It is a romantic novel, with a biblical theme about a woman, Angel, who was sold into prostitution at a young age. She grew up only knowing that type of lifestyle and believing all men would treat her the same way. That is until Angel met a man named Michael Hosea, who was a man after God’s own heart. God told him he would marry Angel, which he did despite being laughed at by every man in town. Everyday Michael loved Angel, even when Angel fought his love. She couldn’t understand how anyone could ever love her the way he did. When Michael began tearing down the walls around Angel’s heart, it terrified her and she ran back to sin. What is so amazing about this story is how God healed her, pursued her and loved her more than Michael could. When she discovered God’s truth and understood God’s love, her life was forever changed! This is a must-read to find out what happens.

Francine Rivers, Janette Oke, Sigmund Brouwer and Dee Henderson are some of my favorite authors that have fueled my love of reading. In high school, the school librarian would always smile when I came in because she knew I was going to ask if they had any new books in yet by those authors. I had some frequent flyer miles in that library. One of my favorite teachers in high school was Mrs. Brawner. She would give us extra credit for our AR (accelerated reader) points and would add them to our English grade. I had so many extra credit points because I read so many books that she had to put a limit on how many I could get.

Books can take us to another world! I think that is why I love books so much and now enjoy writing children’s books. I remember being so engrossed in a book that I could sit for hours and get lost in it. I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on around me. My mom would get so mad because she would be calling for me and I wouldn’t even hear her! Well… it may have been a case of selective hearing!

Isn’t it crazy how books can do that? Draw us in and take us away!

I didn’t get to read as much “fun stuff” as I would have liked while in veterinary school. I read more about anatomy/physiology, histology, parasitology, pathology… darn those “ologies”. But now that I am done with veterinary school, I like to pull out a good book, sit down and be transported.

March is National Reading Month. I hope that you can find the same joy and love as I have found in reading. Whether it be Rosie the Pig or another best seller, engage your mind and go on an adventure!

What is your favorite book?

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