Bleeding Orange on Giving Tuesday

OSU Alma Mater Hymn
Proud and immortal,
Bright shines your name;
Oklahoma State;
We herald your fame.
Ever you’ll find us
Loyal and true,
To our Alma Mater, O-S-U.

There is nothing like school spirit, especially at a college football game. You feel the pride and the honor of the school you represent sitting among a sea of others who also share in that pride.

Although I did not go to OSU for my undergraduate degree, I did attend FOUR long years at OSU for veterinary school and feel like I do bleed a bit of orange. What contributes to this pride? Is it the endless hours spent at the school? The camaraderie you attain from fellow classmates? The bonding over a football game? The fact that you’re all wearing the same color?

For me, it was the amount of money I gave them. LOL. Just kidding…well, kind of…at least it was money well spent.

More than the money and the time spent there, my affinity for orange is a direct result of the OSU family that made me feel welcome from day one. When I didn’t get into Texas A&M Veterinary School, I was crushed. I was an Aggie, bleeding maroon. But, as soon as I started my first day of school at OSU, I fell in love. I fell in love with the school, the people and the relationships I came away with in the end.

So I guess I am a mixture of maroon and orange. Not sure what color that makes….

A few weeks ago I was able to attend OSU’s Veterinary Fall Conference and the Alumni Breakfast meeting. I am pretty sure I am the youngest member every year at the Alumni Breakfast. But to me it is important to represent the younger generation and take pride in that. At this meeting we get updates on the veterinary school, the alumni association and how we can give back. This year, in particular, I felt a greater sense of pride. Why? Because I am giving back!

Giving back. This can be tough, especially to someone (me) who is still paying back a pile of student loans. But this is important to me. I want to help provide a way for someone to not worry so much about paying back those pesky loans. That is why I decided to give back to the school that gave me so much; to a school that took a chance on a small town girl who didn’t even think she could get in to veterinary school.

My scholarship is intended for students wanting to pursue a career in rural veterinary medicine. How am I doing this? A percentage of my book sales go directly to support the Doctor Hartfield Book Series Mixed Animal Scholarship (long name, big impact).

I love that I can take part in helping a student lower their debt load, but also encourage them to pursue rural medicine.

Although I still have plenty of student debt myself, I still want to help in as many ways as I can. This also gives me an opportunity to stay connected.

How can you help? Buy my books! You can purchase online or in the Small Animal Reception area at the Oklahoma State Veterinary Teaching Hospital.


In honor of Giving Tuesday, you can also contribute directly to the scholarship through the OSU Foundation’s website here and be a part of supporting future veterinarians.

I am proud to be an OSU Alumni and bleeding orange. Let’s go Pokes!

To make a donation to the Doctor Hartfield Veterinary Book Series Mixed Animal Scholarship click the link below.

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