And a Story was Born

I love to read, I love to teach and I love veterinary medicine. To me this was the perfect recipe to write a children’s book!

My passion for reading developed early. Although, how I even learned to read is still a mystery. My Mom worked with me for several months, but I didn’t appear to comprehend so she decided to postpone our lessons for a while. A few weeks later she walked into my bedroom and I was sitting in the rocking chair “reading” the Bible. Naturally, she thought I was just mimicking the act of reading until I read a passage to her. To this day she tells people that I taught myself how to read. 

I fell in love with reading. My family could barely pry my nose out of whatever latest title I was enthralled. Reading for extra credit in high school? Yes, please.

I also never thought of myself as a writer, which is probably why I started with a children’s book; more pictures than words.

But teaching has always excited me.

It is so gratifying watching kids learn. “Rosie the Pig” was inspired by a recent lesson I gave my niece, Abby, on the ranch. She was naturally curious about why our pig, Rosie, was sick and how we were going to make her better. As I walked Abby through the process of examining and treating Rosie, she quickly caught on and I realized how helpful this information could be to other kids. Of course Abby also helped to cure Rosie by asking God to help heal her that night. It was truly a joint effort 🙂

Writing this children’s book has been a huge learning experience, and an awesome journey!

Sarah Haug, my truly, unbelievably talented sister, started working on the characters and helped develop the story line. It was amazing to see her creativity in action, and her ability to turn my words into true works of art.

Writing and illustrating the book might have been the easiest part. We had the characters and the story line, but now what? How do we get it printed? How do we publish this book? Copyrighting? How do we market? Sell? Will anyone even want to buy this book?

There were so many questions; so many things to figure out, but Sarah navigated the entire process with ease! Not only was she my graphic designer and illustrator, but now she was my publisher, book rep and agent.

Now as I sit in my office and turn the pages of MY book it gives me goose bumps just knowing that this is something we created together. And this is just the beginning! “Rosie the Pig” is the first book in the Doctor Hartfield Veterinary Book Series. My next book, “Pistol the Horse” will be out next summer. My hope is that my books can reach children across America to teach them about veterinary care and inspire those considering a career as a veterinarian.

I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed creating it! I look forward to sharing many more of Abby, Dr. H. and Trooper’s adventures with you.

You can also purchase books online beginning Aug. 3 via for $14.99 plus shipping and handling, or locally at Cushing Veterinary Clinic.

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